Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter

Singer Songwriters

Sketches (2020)  for pre-order

Track Listing


  1. Just a Song (Carter/Ironmonger)
  2. Sketches by Boz (Carter/Ironmonger)
  3. 50 years (Petrie)
  4. My Backyard (Carter/Ironmonger)
  5. Threadneedle Street (Carter/Ironmonger)
  6. Montgomery (Carter/Ironmonger)
  7. Not Enough Emilys (Carter/Ironmonger)
  8. Backstreet Boozer (Carter/Ironmonger)
  9. El Fusilado (Ferguson/Watts/Abbott/Whalley)
  10. Broken (Carter/Ironmonger)
  11. Willy O' Winsbury (trad)

CDs will be available for distribution in early May 2020.  Pre-order now and your disc will be posted to you as soon as possible after this date.

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