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“Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter put on a brilliant show, firmly rooted in the folk music tradition, but including some hints of jazz and blues and other genres. Mostly self-penned, their songs were moving and funny and quite catchy. Most of all, they were fun and joyous entertainers” (Richard Death, Stratford Sub Castle, Feb 2019)


“Having had them perform at our club, I can personally recommend these lovely people to you as performers, great songwriters, and downright funny people, bursting with talent and entertainment skills. So festival organisers, if you have one or two 45-60 minute slots to fill, call these two!” (Kathy Dunn, Wessex Acoustic Club, Jan 2019)


“Sally’s talented vocals are quite unique and her delivery faultless, [their] songs are amazingly witty and written with a big dollop of genius. Together they are a force to be admired and celebrated.’ (Trevor Krueger, Epping Music Club, January 2018)


“Music, laugh, reality and friendship ! The Frogs love this pair of fantastic musicians.”  (The Flippin’ Frog, Rochester, Jan 2018)


A beautiful spring evening and a beautiful musical evening at the Pump. A good sized audience truly enjoyed a splendid evening’s entertainment from Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter – a very talented couple. We had been telling all our friends not to miss this as we knew would be something special and, boy, we were right! Sally Ironmonger held us all spellbound from the opening song to the inevitable but well deserved encore. We were all laughing, singing, being transported to sunny days on Broadstairs beach (or should that be Joss Bay) eating ice cream or mourning the loss of the great ship building industry in the Medway. Every song delivered with humour, love, and a great deal of style. The encore ‘The Ballad of Barry and Freda’ sent everyone home happy. Sally and Brian really did justice to this iconic song from the late great Victoria Wood as few others could have done. We do hope it’s not too long before we see them again in the West Country.” (Village Pump Folk Club, Apr 2017)


“Well what an absolutely brilliant evening at Bedworth Folk club at the Newdigate Collliery and Social Club last night.  Guests were the fantastic Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter….If I said ‘Wow’, it would be an understatement!  Within the first line of their first song I knew we were in for an exquisite evenings entertainment.  We thought the first half was fantastic but at the end of the second half, I thought I’d have a riot if I didn’t give them a very justified encore.  To say that the couple gave a phenomenal performance during the evening and we could have stayed listening, laughing and joining in with their songs, is as I said earlier, an understatement.   I can’t wait to see them again.” (Bedworth Folk Club, Mar 2017)


Some of the other nice things people have said about us…..


“Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter have been popular guests at the Folk Club on quite a few occasions and the numbers in the room clearly reflected this. They did not disappoint.  Their songs seem to get better each time you hear them…Sally’s introductions of songs are also warm and entertaining and are an integral part of their act. In addition, they have just completed a third CD and the songs we heard from it will soon be on our list of favourites.” (Brussels Folk Club, Dec 2016)


“A good song needs a killer line and Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter know how to write a killer line. Personal songs that link into a much bigger picture, sung with fine voice and able accompaniment from Brian Carter. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and performing alongside Sally and Brian and it’s been a treat.” (Dave Wilson of Winter Wilson, Nov 2016)


‘Sally and Brian are an absolute one off. They have a quirky and distinctive style.  Brian’s accomplished and sensitive guitar is the perfect accompaniment to Sally’s unique voice and their songs will make you laugh, cry and think.’  (Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Oct 2016)


“Sally Ironmonger is a Kent singer who also happens to write terrific songs, songs which resonate with your own experiences, and make you laugh and recall when exactly the same thing happened to you! Accompanied by husband Brian Carter on guitar Sally’s great vocals and engaging stage presence bring a breath of fresh air to any occasion. In addition to the singing, Sally is a great MC and host for intimate venues, with the rare knack of making guests and audience feel completely at ease. Highly recommended for clubs and festivals alike, this duo are a well-kept secret who deserve not to be!” (Kim Headley, Artistic Director, Broadstairs Folk Week, Jun 2014)


Love it when you hear a great song for the first time. Happened last night when Sally Ironmonger performed her song “No Ships” at the Tom Thumb Theatre. (Jez Lowe, Jun 2013)


Really enjoyed sharing a night in concert with Sally & Brian. Good raw British lyrics with no frills and great songs about old Kent and nostalgia further afield. You could say it was a raspberry ripple moment, a bit tasty and a real treat, my pleasure guys. (Richard Digance, Jun 2012)


Sally Ironmonger turned the sailing barge Edith May into the boat that rocked! Her songs are crafted using wit, good humour and local knowledge, creating music that people enjoy and relate to. Mixed in with a few sing along pop classics, we cannot wait to welcome her and the band back aboard. Thank you Sally! (Ed Gransden, Edith May Sailing Barge, Sweeps Festival Rochester, May 2012)


‘Medway’s response to Victoria Wood provides an evening of poignant songs – many with a local insight into the magnificence and uniqueness of Medway – delivered with passion, aggression, compassion and a nod to sentimentality. Don’t knock where you live!’ (Doug Hudson, Sweeps Festival Director, Apr 2012)


“Just the thing to cheer up a dank January! Everyone enjoyed themselves hugely and your mix of original, local songs and carefully selected material from ‘the tradition’ and elsewhere was clever, funny, sad and beautifully sung and accompanied by brilliant guitar work. Need I say anything about that voice? It brought hairs up on the back of necks! Hardened, traddie club-goers were melted.” (Mary Henderson, Chair & Secretary, Faversham Folk Club, Jan 2011).

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