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About Us

So what do you want to know?  I am a singer-songwriter based in Medway, writing and performing with Brian Carter, my long suffering husband, guitarist, and musical director.


Our aim is to entertain, with songs that make you laugh, or cry, or just think – and make a connection with listeners and audiences.


We tend to get categorised as folk musicians – I guess because what we do tends to be stripped down, unplugged, story based.  Let’s not get into a debate about what folk music is, suffice to say that what we do is contemporary, with a nod to traditional themes.  And we often sing stuff that people like to join in with.


Brian has worked as a professional and semi-professional musician all of his adult life.  Over the years he has developed a style which fuses jazz, folk & latin to produce a unique mix of melody and bass rhythms.  I only really found my wings since we met in the 1990s – although I always loved to sing, and strummed guitar to accompany myself, it was Brian who promised to ‘put my name up in chalk’.


Over the years we have written commissions for BBC documentaries and Broadstairs Folk Week, we ran the First Friday Folk club at the Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate, and have been supporting artists for Belshazzar’s Feast, Barbara Dickson, Jacqui McShee, Chris Wood & Jez Lowe.  We also won the Milkmaid Folk Club Folk Song competition in 2016.


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