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Most of our music is available to purchase on three studio albums.


You can buy hard copies of CDs from us (see links below or contact me directly) or you can download albums or individual tracks from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or from the Music Store on my Facebook page:


Sketches (2020)  for pre-order

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CDs will be available for distribution in early May 2020.  Pre-order now and your disc will be posted to you as soon as possible after this date.

Track Listing


  1. Just a Song (Carter/Ironmonger)
  2. Sketches by Boz (Carter/Ironmonger)
  3. 50 years (Petrie)
  4. My Backyard (Carter/Ironmonger)
  5. Threadneedle Street (Carter/Ironmonger)
  6. Montgomery (Carter/Ironmonger)
  7. Not Enough Emilys (Carter/Ironmonger)
  8. Backstreet Boozer (Carter/Ironmonger)
  9. El Fusilado (Ferguson/Watts/Abbott/Whalley)
  10. Broken (Carter/Ironmonger)
  11. Willy O' Winsbury (trad)

Pinch Me (2016)

Track Listing


  1. Pinch Me (Carter/Ironmonger)
  2. Nail it back together (Broderick/Shepherd)
  3. Too Late (Carter/Ironmonger)
  4. Two Clicks (Carter/Ironmonger)
  5. Nothing Rhymed (O’Sullivan)
  6. Accident of Birth (O’Donoghue)
  7. Mud (Carter/Ironmonger)
  8. Friendly Fire (Carter/Ironmonger)
  9. Charming Men (Carter/Ironmonger)
  10. Little Ships (Carter/Ironmonger)
  11. Isabel Makes Love Upon National Monuments (Thackray)

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The Company I Keep (2014)

Track Listing


  1. Food Banks & Ferraris (Carter/Ironmonger)
  2. Desert Island Discs (Carter/Ironmonger)
  3. Origin of Species (Smither)
  4. Metal Work (Carter/Ironmonger)
  5. Bad Attitude (West/Euliss)
  6. Bagpipe Man (Carter/Ironmonger)
  7. Murder on my Mind (Carter/Ironmonger)
  8. Naked Rambler (Carter/Ironmonger)
  9. The Logical Song (Hodgson)
  10. Early Bird Rag (Carter/Ironmonger)
  11. Normal (Carter/Ironmonger)
  12. The Company I Keep (Carter/Ironmonger)

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Cheap Day Return (2012)

Track Listing


  1. The List (Carter/Ironmonger)
  2. English Summer Day (Carter/Ironmonger)
  3. A Stitch in Time (Waterson)
  4. Catalogue Guitar Tango (Carter/Ironmonger)
  5. The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill (Carter/Ironmonger)
  6. No Ships (Carter/Ironmonger)
  7. Ballad of Flying Isaac (Carter/Ironmonger)
  8. Falling Down (Carter/Ironmonger)
  9. Cash in Hand (Carter/Ironmonger)
  10. Agent Rose (Carter/Ironmonger)
  11. Dungeness (Carter/Ironmonger)
  12. Canada-i-o (Traditional, arr. Nic Jones)
  13. Raspberry Ripple Day (Carter/Ironmonger)
  14. Père Lachaise (Carter/Ironmonger)
  15. Sitting Pretty (Carter/Ironmonger)
  16. Carpe Diem (Carter/Ironmonger)

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